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19th september 2009 [Posted by Thomas] 
The split album with Abyssed ( is out !! To get the CD, please contact me at The CD will be available online soon.

2nd march 2009 [Posted by Thomas] 
The two first Helldawn MCD are now available for free download :
Download "A Prelude to Sience"
Download "Old Forgotten Thoughts"

The CD version of "A Prelude to Silence" is still available at Diabolus in Musica.
To get the CD version of "Old Forgotten Thoughts", please contact us at :

24th november 2008 [Posted by Thomas] 

The second EP (MCD format) of Helldawn called "Old Forgotten Thoughts" is now available !
Please contact us at to get a copy.
Go to the "music" section for more details.

We're still working on the upcoming album.

5th february 2008 [Posted by Thomas] 
We are currently working on the upcoming album. The release date has not been chosen yet. More information about this suject will follow when necessary.

Moreover, for some reasons, Simon has decided to move to the USA. But NO, he doesn't leave the band. He often comes to France and will continue working for HELLDAWN in the future. And be sure that this situation will only have little impact on the release of the album.

26th november 2007 [Posted by Simon]
The "A Prelude To Silence" EP is now available @ Diabolus In Musica (Strasbourg, FR). It will cost you only 4,95€, so run there !
Diabolus In Musica - The website || The EP - direct link .

By the way, we're working on the new record, so the website will be updated soon ! Keep in touch ;-)

20th september 2007 [Posted by Simon]
Site online again, after a few problems that are now fixed. Small design update for the occasion.

13th june 2007 [Posted by Simon]
The website has been updated, with the art page and the links page. We let you discover all this stuff !

7th April 2007 [Posted by Thomas]
The new website is online. The first EP of HELLDAWN, called "A Prelude to Silence", is now available.

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